"[...] I had my Saturday penny when I was quite small, and I used to buy toffee with it from Mrs. Rhys the Glasfryn. She made the toffee in pans and then rolled it all up and threw it soft at a nail behind the door, where it stuck. Then she took a handful with both hands and pulled it towards her, then threw the slack back on the nail again. That went on for half an hour or more until she was satisfied it was hard enough, and then she let it lie to flatten out. Hours I have waited in her front room with my penny in my hand, and my mouth full of spit, thinking of the toffe, and sniffing the smell of sugar and cream and eggs. You could chew that toffee for hours, it seems to me now, and never lost the taste of it, and even after it had gone down, you could swallow and still find the taste hiding behind your tongue.    [...]"
How green was my valley - Richard Llewellyn 

  • 400g zahar
  • 350 ml smantana dulce
  • 2 lingurite esenta de vanilie
  • 1 1/2 lingurita sare
Intr-o cratita inalta, antiaderenta, se amesteca smantana dulce, zaharul si sarea. Compozitia se pune pe foc mediu, si se amesteca mereu pana cand incepe sa fiarba. O data ce compozitia a inceput sa fiarba nu se mai amesteca deloc.

Cand amestecul a ajuns la temperatura de  118°C (*) se ia de pe foc si se toarna intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt. Se lasa la temperatura camerei pentru 5-6 ore, apoi se taie cu un cutit ascutit (inmuiat in ulei daca altfel se lipeste prea tare) in formele dorite.

Caramelele se invelesc in hartie de copt (sau colorata daca aveti) si se pastreaza in locuri uscate si racoroase.

Sunt delicioase!

(*) Daca nu aveti termometru, testati compozitia la fiecare 5 minute in felul urmator: intr-o  farfurie cu apa rece se picura putin din amestec. Daca picatura si-a pastrat forma in apa si nu s-a dezintegrati cand o luati in mana, dupa 10 secunde, atunci compozitia se poate lua de pe foc, altfel mai incercati dupa 5 minute.

Pont: adaugati in oala, inca de la inceput, 100g ciocolata neagra rupta in bucati si veti obtine caramele de ciocolata (ca in poze). Preferatele mele raman insa caramelele cu lapte.

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