At the end of 2009, both of us (C&L), became interested in photography, and intrigued about aesthetics, about what makes a good photography, we decided to embark in an ambitious 365 day project to find out more. By that we hoped to learn, find, try to get an insight into photography and at the end to see if some progress was achieved, to draw some objective conclusions.
  1. C. has already tried to get an aesthetic glimpse into sound, with the ABBILDUNG music project. An integration of photography was long time predicted and in 2010 the unitary concept of sound and imagery was now completed.(footnote)[1]

What we learned during the OPPD project? From a photographer’s evolution standpoint, although at first interested in technique, tools and image qualities, there is a point in which these aspects slowly fades out, and finally the true artistic meaning of a photography comes in first place. It is not important the image quality but what the photo is able to express, how well the photographer has succeeded to say his thought. It is about to express himself, to know himself and to try to create and reach a perfection. That photos that make us stare at for hours, that make us come back again to them.

OPPD Gallery

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2 comentarii:

    Zazuza spunea...

    a photo a day e o provocare mare. dar daca si pasiunea e pe masura, rezultatele vor fi spectaculoase. cam ca aici :)

  1. ... on 14 ianuarie 2011, 17:12  
  2. Mrs. Green Foot spunea...

    Multumim Zazuza :)

  3. ... on 17 ianuarie 2011, 18:54  

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