- Sticluţa cuuuuu... suc de portocale!! icnete. chicoteli.
- Sticluţa cuuuuu... gem! râsete.
- Sticluţa cuuuuu... ooooooooooranjadă! hohote de râs.
- Sticluţa cuuuuu... supă de găluşte! plictiseală. proteste. 'Dar hai o data!'
- Sticluţa cu OTRAVĂ!! râsete. ţipete. veselie. şi iarăşi râsete. tropăituri. alergat....

Mai ţineţi minte jocul acesta?

Photography Sticluta cu otrava FotografiePrints may be available for purchase through the shop.

The poison bottle: played by more children…one is chosen
to be ‘boss’, and says ‘glass bottle with…’ eg. water, etc. If boss says ‘glass bottle with poison’ then all children should run with the ‘chief’ trying to catch them, and who is caught is elected the ‘chief’. Game ends when all players are ‘chiefs.’

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